Aug 072011

The buffet consisted of fruits, salads, a few chicken dishes, chola (chick pea curry), palak saag (spinach), naan, stuffed potatoes, etc. Conspicuously, the Kabab Hut buffet was missing kababs and a ramadan staple – dates!

The chicken dishes consisted of:-

  • A mild tikka which was slightly lemony but tough because it wasn’t warm.
  • A chicken korma with wonderful flavours, though the chicken pieces could do with some selection.
  • Sweet chicken pasta – over cooked and sticky. Not appetizing at all.

The fresh naan which was brought to our table was exceptional. Crispy and fluffy. The palak saag was very fine (almost slurpable) and a little oily but good nonetheless. The chola were sweet, succulent and had a spicy kick to them.

We ordered a plate of kabab. The quantity of kabab on the plate was copious and though they do seem like they have potential, this batch of kababs were overwhelmed by whole coriander seeds, which overpowered all the other spices and flavours.

Also available as part of the buffet was tasty rose water and a rose faluda. Stay away from the faluda.

The tea at the end wasn’t great either.

The service is polite, friendly and good. The decor pleasant. It can be quite cozy it seems during non-buffet times, with diner style seating and a small mezzanine. It would be good for iftar if the dishes were kept warm and the platters refilled. A little more effort and the place could be full. Go early for warm food.

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  1. This restaurant provides my family with quick, healthy meals that I sometimes don’t have time to make at home.

  2. kabab hut food is very delicious excellent services and very reason able price

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