Aug 132011
Fritou, Bay 109, 216 Saddletowne Circle NE, Calgary, 403-450-5880. Map it.

As the sun set and the hunger peaked, Fritou offered the fasting gang respite in the form of fried chicken and pizza. We walked in 10 minutes after sunset to find a solitary counter in front of a backlit pictorial menu. The decor was typical of a fast food restaurant, with bright lights and ad posters surrounding an array of tables with attached chairs. Some of the tables required bussing and the rest of them had not been cleaned.

We ordered the fried chicken combo and a 4-topping pizza. The staff advised us of a 20-minute wait as we settled into cleaning the table ourselves.

Much to our relief, the first few pieces of chicken came after just 5 minutes.  These deep fried treats had a crisp batter on the outside and were tender and juicy on the inside. They were also satisfyingly greasy – a particularly desirable trait to quell the hunger pangs from a full day of fasting.

The sides accompanying the chicken were quite good. The fries were crunchy and tasty, both by themselves and when dipped in the tangy gravy. The hot sauce was made from a cooked tomato sauce with chunks of chilli. It went rather well with the chicken and the fries, and most of us preferred it for dipping purposes. The coleslaw was fresh. A refreshing break from all the grease!

The pizza came just as the chicken was finishing.  The four toppings included onion, green pepper, canned mushrooms, and rather limp looking halal-pepperoni. The pizza was okay, even a little tasty to the fasting stomach. The base sauce was on the salty side but the crust was fresh, fluffy and had a mild crunch to it.

We also ordered the mango shake. It could have used a little less syrup and a little more ice cream. Nobody finished it.

Fritou’s service is adequate but the restaurant needs to clean up its act and offer customers a palatable environment. Having said that, they have definitely mastered the art of fried chicken and it hits the spot.

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  1. Is it halal? I didn’t see anywhere mentioned that fritou serves halal chicken!

  2. Your services and Iftar items is very attractive.

  3. Heard your radio interview on CBC.
    Keep up the good work!

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