Apr 032011

Halal chinese food! Yes, there is Indochinese in lots of places, but is it really that good? I think not! I arrived with a fairly large party of 8 for dinner at this eatery. The restaurant, off of 36th St. and 16th Ave. North East, is well laid out. There are comfortable booths for large parties and an abundance (read crowded when full) of 2 and 4 person tables. Red chinese lanterns glow to create quite the ambience.

The menu, as is typical with most chinese places, is extensive with lots of chicken, beef and seafood dishes but the real standout dishes are the atypical hakka dishes. The struggling non-anglophone waitress posed quite an ordering challenge and only made the experience all the more fun.

We ordered several dishes: spring and curry rolls, manchurian and hot and sour soup, cashew chicken, chili chicken, hakka paneer, ginger beef, manchurian beef, singapore style noodles and steamed rice.

They had quite a few large groups that evening, and although the service wasn’t terrible, we did initially receive our soups without any serving bowls. Apparently they had run out! The bowls eventually came and thankfully the soups were still steaming hot.

The veggie spring roll was simple and crisp accompanied by some plum sauce (little sachets). Curry roll contained distinctly curry flavoured chicken and peas and was quite tasty.

The manchurian soup was spicy. It had a similar appearance to the hot and sour soup but taken up a notch. The broth was amazing (especially on a cold wintery night) and the fresh veggies in the soup were a joy to munch on. The hot and sour soup was overwhelmed by copious amounts of mushroom.

The chili chicken was extremely tender and quite savoury. It is chicken dipped in batter, fried then drenched in the special hakka chili sauce. An excellent dish. The manchurian beef was another excellent dish, with spicy, smokey flavours, that melted in the mouth.

The ginger beef was good here. The Alberta favourite was crunchy, tender and sweet. The hakka paneer on the other hand is not a sweet dish with the hakka sauce dominating this dish. The paneer cubes were slightly tough for my liking and unlike the paneer in indian curries which tends to fall away easily.

The last two dishes were the singapore style noodles, which are good as long as they are eaten hot, and the cashew chicken. The chicken was accompanied by an abundance of crunchy veggies, cashews and savoury pieces of moist, tender chicken. It was a very good non-spicy dish.

The food was well received and devoured heartily. The menu is extensive and spans a range of dishes from classic chinese to hakka chinese and indochinese. A return visit is a must and I quite recommend this place to the halal chinese food lover.

Taketomi Village, 920 36 St NE, Calgary, AB, Map it. Taketomi Village on Urbanspoon

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  1. they are really good but really heavy on my pocket– right side one where I keep my wallet.
    My mommy cooks better food at home for the whole family for the price they charge for two people. cut your prices man, we’re not all engineers in NE, we’re the working class…

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