Feb 222011

This grungy pizza place on 17th Avenue SW is open late for the night revellers. They serve the classics – ‘pepperoni’, ‘hawaiian’, vegetarian, etc. The twist is they’re all halal, having replaced the slices of pepperoni for halal beef salami and the chunks of ham for a halal beef/chicken equivalent.

The slices are decently sized and the 2 slice, 1 pop deal is quite reasonable. Unfortunately, additional toppings don’t seem to be readily available with a careless looking styrofoam plate of red chilli flakes laying on the counter the closest I saw. Can you imagine no parmesan?!

The ‘hawaiian’ had ample and proportionate amounts of cheese, ‘ham’ and pineapple. The savoury meat and cheese combined with the sweetness of the pineapple make this a good piece of pie. The always tough to eat crust also had a smattering of cheese ensuring the entire slice was a treat.

The ‘pepperoni’ was spicy. The pizza base sauce with its oregano seasoning came through the toppings on this slice. The cheese was adequate but the end crust was bare and had to be washed down to ensure complete consumption. This is not the best halal pepperoni pizza I’ve had but its good.

The crust is medium thin and firm. It is slightly chewy on its own but has pleasant sweetness to it.

The pizza here could be served hotter and the service could be more personable, especially being the only one in the establishment at the time. All in all it’s good pizza and can really hit the spot at obscene hours of the night.

Pizza 17, 1415 17th Ave SW, Calgary, ‪(403) 245-5011, Map it.

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  1. Food Price is extremely reasonable and affordable.

  2. I am Sorry – I am giving one review to this Place.

    But the Truth be told – Me and My wife got Tandoori Chicken Pizza 16 Inches – Price was $15 incl taxes. So thought it was a good deal. Guy over the counter, he is Saakib – very rude guy. completely business oriented, does’nt even think of customer satisfaction. First of all if you ask for receipt they always give a receipt from debit card. Never ever give an official receipt – so if the pizza is not fresh no one can sue them.
    Never gave us a receipt.

    We took pizza home. Ate 2 slices each and went off to sleep. Around 3: 30 am in the morning My Stomach all over my groin area and all over my left side of Stomach started hurting like I needed to go for an EMERGENCY. So I called Alberta health link and they said you should go and see the doctor at Emergency, if Pain is constant for more than one HOUR. My wife gave me Eno and I took another medicine Pudin hara. SO i Puked 4 to 5 times. I believe was Food poisioning. Morning time I was feeling 85% better. However I would like to Sue this place. But cannot as these People don’t offer Receipts.

    Please do a favour to yourself – Do not go to this place for any Pizza their slices are not fresh all day . They have increased their Pirce from $3 to $3.50 and even their Pepperoni, Ham and Chicken Pizza, it seems like they have Vegetables and Chicken like a week old. Lets say someone calls in and cancel the order. They dont cancel but let it keep. So they make money of someone else. They do not care about any one else’s well being.

    Please Do not Eat their food. If you don’t want to go through the Experience I had :(

    God Bless You all..
    Love and Peace

    Sam Smith..

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