Feb 222011

This place is super busy over the lunch hour with the queue extending almost outside (even in the winter!!). It’s not ideal because you feel rushed while ordering and the menu only becomes visible as you approach the counter.

We hurriedly ordered a chicken plate, chicken shawarma and mix shawarma, the latter two being wraps while the first was a platter. The chicken plate was served with hummus, garlic sauce, tabouli, pickled turnip and 6 small wedges of pita. They dressed the chicken from the shawarma grill with tahini and added some olive oil to the hummus. The tabouli salad and the pickled turnips were tangy to the taste, although the turnip was too tart and got to the tongue. The chicken is dry on its own but the tahini, garlic and hummus sauces save it. The hummus with the pita is quite good especially with olive oil adding the extra smoothness. The platter is good but there is better. Strangely enough this place doesn’t have lamb on the menu.

The chicken shawarma had strong garlic flavour to it (I quite like that). Interestingly enough, one of the sauces on offer for the sandwich was tzatziki which isn’t commonly seen at shawarma joints. The sandwich was saucy and tasty but the chicken was drowned.

The mix shawarma sandwich was very well stuffed. The beef was quite tasty and accentuated by sweet sauce. The chicken was overpowered by the beef in this sandwich but it’s good and filling.

Pita Basket Cafe, 505 6th SW, Calgary, (403) 263-4411, Map it.

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