Jan 282011

The search for quick lunch over a short lunch hour brought us to Shawarma King in Kensington. We arrived just as the midday “rush” started to pour in and most patrons did not stay to consume their meals. The team of two behind the counter had trouble keeping up with the handful of people (rush) who had all arrived at once. Orders revolved around the lamb, chicken and beef shawarma or the donair.

The display fridges had an assortment of desserts, chickpea curry, samosas and mediterranean and middle eastern foods which looked very appetizing. We ordered the samosas (a deep fried pastry stuffed with spiced ground beef) – seen above – to start and attempted to order the kofta platter. The kofta platter was not available and although the menu had several dishes available we were limited to the above mentioned dishes plus the falafel. So samosas and chicken shawarmas it was.

The samosas were microwave heated but surprisingly, the pastry maintained its crunch. The meat was spicy to the taste with a subtle sweetness that made the samosas tasty appetizers.

We decided to stay and have our shawarmas. The shawarma I was served was not allowed enough time in the panini grill to crisp the pita which resulted in soggy pita bread. The chicken was abundant but slightly dry and the rest of the ingredients were masked by the slathering of the garlic and hummus. It was ok. The medium size is quite large and makes a filling lunch.

Shawarma King is a small place with a length of bar table, a few bar stools and three dual occupancy tables. The display fridges are well lit and have an assortment of desserts and pastries. Again its ok!

Shawarma King, 1423 Kensington Road Northwest, Calgary, AB, (403) 283-5500 ‬, Map it.

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  1. You need to have a chart of the critic’s ratings.

    • I have had quite a few suggestions regarding a rating chart. I am considering it and hope to implement something soon.


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